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Information on the Tests

In order for a student to be eligible to take the CTY Greece Programs, one should participate in the Center's exams that take place every year in different cities around Greece. For foreign students this qualification can be acquired through the JHU Center.

CTY Greece uses two tests, developed and scored by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth: the School and College Ability Test (SCAT) and the Spatial Test Battery (STB) which measure verbal, quantitative, and spatial reasoning ability and are in Greek. Each student can take either or both tests.

The exam cost per student per test is 30 euros and it is non refundable.



There are three levels: Elementary ( for grades 2 & 3), Intermediate ( for grades 4 & 5) and Advanced ( for grades 6-9)

The testing process takes approximately 60 minutes from start to finish.

The Verbal section measures a student’s understanding of the meaning of words and verbal reasoning ability.

The Mathematics section measures a student’s understanding of fundamental number operations. 



The STB is an alternative test for students in grades 6–9 who wish to enroll in a CTY Greece math or science courses. It is not for students who wish to enroll in a humanities course.

The testing process is approximately 75 minutes in length from start to finish. 

The STB consists of four sections: Visual Memory Learning, Surface Development, Block Rotations, Visual Memory Recall


Exam Information

Exams 2017-2018

The CTY Greece exam period continues. All candidates will be informed of the exact exam time as soon as registrations close. The results will be available March 2018.


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Testing for Talent

Exam Registration Process

MyCTY Greece is a personalized, online portal that gives access to all information concerning the exams and the programs of CTY Greece.

Upon creating an account on MyCTY Greece parents/guardians can verify and update student contact information, view, choose and register to any exam, view the student's exam scores, make a payment, check the financial account balance for CTY Greece payments and apply online to any CTY Greece programs for which the student is eligible.

Program Registration Process

Online & Weekend Programs

Online Programs are available to 3rd - 9th grade students while the Weekend Programs to 3rd - 11th grade students.

Registration to the programs takes place through the MyCTY Greece account. Under 'Available Programs' one can find the programs offered to each student based on their exam scores and age. There are no scholarships for these types of programs.

Summer Programs

The Summer Programs are available to 3rd - 11th grade students.

Registration to the programs takes place through the MyCTY Greece account. There are scholarships offered for these programs.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)